Suppress Search Results in Google

If you have something negative that shows up in Google search results when you look for your name, or your business – you need to resolve this issue.

When people search for you, and find negative search results, you look bad. Some search results can’t be removed at the source website, so you need to remove it from the search index. This means that when people search your name or business, they no longer find the content that you don’t want them to see.

Search Engine Result Suppression (SERS)

Search Engine Result Suppression is the process of burying, outranking, and hiding search results that show up at the top of Google. Most of the time these websites are authoritative in Google’s search algorithm.

Strong websites stay at the top and do damage every time people see them. They click the link, and spend time reading the content. They may also share it on social media, email it to someone, or bookmark it. All of these signals appeal to Google’s algorithm.

Bury News Articles, Bad Reviews, Scam Reports, Customer Complaints etc…

News websites, review websites, forums, social media posts, YouTube videos. images etc… They all rank very well in Google. So they stay there. You have to either remove the content from the website it is posted on, or you suppress it through multiple strategies, so that it no longer appears in searches about you.

Reputation Management in 2021

Search Suppression is a reputation management company that hides and permanently removes negative content online. You can get a free online quote, or call them for free advice on 0800-088-5506

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