Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a form of paid traffic generation that helps to gather leads for your business. This is done by placing ads in prominent locations on search engines and other websites for quick visibility. When your potential customers looks out for a product/service, they type a word or phrase matching their requirement. If that phrase is related to your business then they will see your ad, assuming you have adhered o the strict bidding systems employed.

Once they click on your ad they are taken to a page on your website (landing page) where they are prompted to take an action such as making a purchase, providing their information for future reference or calling your phone number.

PPC advertising can be the most effective and lucrative form of getting leads to your website. Including keywords and phrases that best defines your business by using Google Adwords, is very crucial and significant to the success of your PPC marketing campaign. This will ensure that your ads will appear on the most appropriate search result page.

Our PPC services provide you with a healthy increase in your ROI. Our PPC managers are experts in understanding Google Adwords and how it can work for your business. They keep updated with the latest changes, as Google regularly changes the rules for Adwords. They help get you the most out of your PPC Marketing.

The focus is on to get as many visitors to go to your site via well worded ads that are compelling to read and give strong call to action. Our PPC services are not only about getting people to click on your ads, but we work towards increasing the conversion rate of your website. This will save you from wasting your PPC marketing budget on just paying for clicks.

We have proven our expertise by giving our clients an increase of about 15-30% in their website conversion rate and not just for pay per clicks.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

To develop a successful business on or offline, you need targeted leads. The core factor to grow your business is to generate the maximum number of leads.

We believe we can help you where we work on a lead generation basis for your product or service. We can employ effective online and offline marketing methods to generate targeted leads so your sales team can follow up and convert to business.

Our committed team of professionals design a lead generation program. We employ all marketing tools including search engine marketing, marketing collateral and advertising.

Your sales team will then be integrated at key points into the communication strategy to convert leads into sales.

Collaboration and cooperation on the part of your sales team is appreciated to ensure that there is a stable communication of the message and brand and that qualified leads aren’t wasted.

Our clients compensate for our lead generation programme by paying us a cost per lead and/or a revenue share. The exact financial structure of the contract depends on your products and service specifications, the target market and our cost of acquisition.

Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing Services

Building links is one of the most time consuming and difficult aspects of successful web business today. Buying links are a no no and so an ethical approach is needed

Ethical Link Building >>

Writing website content is an art and take time, resource and tenacity on a day by day or week by week basis. The search engines like content and so its paramount to have fresh articles on your site at least every week

Content Generation >>

Social media marketing has come about in recent years and encompasses online pr, brand awareness, utilisation of big networks like Digg and Link baiting content

Social Media >> Pay per click or PPC marketing allows you to reach an audience on the search engines that click on the ads at the side of the search results, as well as that you can opt in to the content network, which allows you access to many websites

Pay Per Click (PPC) >>

Conversion rate testing is the science of getting the best ROI out of each goal you wish to achieve, squeezing your visitors into the areas of your site that make you profitable

Conversion Rate Testing >> Lead generation in a clients based industry it is your life blood and without it you have no business. Lead generation is the ability to drive traffic to a page and turn that traffic into contact details or leads, which your sales team can then convert

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Ethical Link Building Services

Ethical Link Building Services

In order to receive good rankings on search engines, it’s important to have other sites link to your site. Getting such links from sources that are of good or decent quality can be a challenging task.

While none can guarantee you top ranking using this technique, research and observation by online marketing and SEO experts over considerable amounts of time has given extremely positive results when the technique is used correctly.

As always, the performance is gauged over a period of a few months rather than days or weeks. From experience, we can assure you that if good quality inbound links are set up correctly, you will definitely see a strong improvement in ranking.

Over years, our team has compiled a huge list of potential sources based on industries and verticals. Identifying good sources is, by far, one of the most crucial and challenging areas when it comes to link building. Our team has come up with certain guidelines that can be followed while identifying good sources that can help link to your website. A) Let the source not be one of your competitor’s website. Your close competitor may not want to give you the lead and their website may not, therefore, be a good source to place an inbound link to your site. B) The content of the source website needs to be related. This is important because the visitors on the source website need to find the link to your website relevant to their needs. C) Keep the user in mind since user experience is directly proportional to performance.

While it’s important to have good links on other websites in order to bump up your website’s ranking, what’s even more important is to first get your website to appear in search results. This means that your website has to comply with the search engines’ various criteria. Search engines use formulae and algorithms that evolve by the day, and therefore, keeping yourself updated with the current technicalities of search engines is critical.

Coming back to link building and quality of links, here are the few most important guidelines that you can use to do a quality check on the potential sources that will hold the link to your website:

The content of the source website needs to be relevant to yours
Let the source website have strong content
Do not use any kind of hidden text.
As far as possible, avoid redirects. Internal redirects are a strict “no – no!” Have redirects can take away any value that your link may add to your website
There’s definitely much more to this than you can imagine. Knowledge comes with experience, and WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE!