Removing News articles from Google Search Results

Have you been negatively affected by bad press online?

More and more, people are using Google to search for people before they do business with them, employ them, even to see what is written about them before making a connection or forming a relationship.

News articles can be the most damaging web results for individuals and businesses.

They rank very high in search results as they are established and authoritative in Google’s search algortihm. They can then be syndicated and appear in multiple other news websites, which also rank in Google. This damage they can cause it terrible for your personal and business reputation.


Reputation Ace specialise in hiding and removing negative news articles that harm your image in Google.

We can permanently delete and remove some news articles completely, and when it not possible we can suppress, bury, and replace the negative news articles so that it no longer appears on page 1 when people search for you.

We can totally transform your online reputation and protect your image.

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